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Introducing the “Dating at Her Age” podcast


Editor’s note: This is an editorial piece. An editorial, like a news article, is based on fact but also shares opinions. The opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and are not associated with our newsroom. SALT LAKE CITY — I’m Debbie. I’m 57 years old. I’m single. Looking for a long-term, monogamous relationship. I’m a radio talk show host and a mom of three adult kids. I enjoy hiking, traveling, long walks, fishing, and paddleboarding. For six […]

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Ick! Our Top Dating App Disaster Stories

Episode 1

From catfish to convicted felons, Debbie and Caitlyn spool through their long list of disaster dates after they’ve connected with men on dating apps. Caitlyn’s date stood her up because he got arrested. Not to be outdone by Debbie’s coffee date with a convict. In this episode of the new KSL Podcast, Dating at Her Age, we’ll laugh about dating fails, the icks we get from men’s online dating profiles and men’s advice to women about their profiles. Plus how […]

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The Stigma of Dating at Her Age


Come along for the journey with Caitlyn and Debbie as they pull back the curtain to address the stigma of dating at different ages and the battles that come along with it. In this bonus episode of the new KSL Podcast Dating at Her Age, tune in to learn more about Debbie, 57, and Caitlyn, 29, as they are both ready to open up the conversation about dating at HER age.  Have a crazy dating story you want to share? […]

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Ditch dating apps! How to meet men in the wild

Episode 2

Is it possible to get off the dating apps and meet men in the wild in 2024? In this episode of Dating at Her Age, we discuss our desire to have less digital connection and go back to meeting people the old fashioned way…in person. Since it seems we all forgot how to connect with people in person, we called in some help from a mental health professional.  Intermountain Healthcare and Real Salt Lake Psychologist, Tom Golightly, shares some tips […]

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Going Dutch! Who Pays for the First Date?

Episode 3

Who pays for the first date? That is the topic for this week’s Dating at Her Age episode! Is going dutch and splitting the bill an option or should the tab fall on the person who asked the other out? Tune in to listen to Debbie and Caitlyn’s different takes based off their experiences at different ages. Debbie shares how she got stuck with a $1,000 tab on one of her dates and Caitlyn explores her reasoning as to why […]

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How to Romanticize Your Life When Single

Bonus episode

Being single during holidays does not have to be miserable! In this bonus episode of Dating at Her Age Caitlyn walks Debbie through some tips on how to romanticize your life when single especially on holidays when your single status seems to be on full blast. Listen now! Have a comment or dating story to share? Give us a call at 801-575-5599!   You can also send us an email at   Follow Dating at Her Age on social media!   Facebook  Instagram  Tik […]

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The Downside of Dating Someone Who’s Broke


The downside of dating someone who’s broke! Can you afford someone else’s bad money problems in a relationship and can you fix them? Debbie and Caitlyn see this from different perspectives at their different ages. On one hand, Caitlyn has a bit more runway to correct financial issues in her late 20’s as many at this age are still getting on their feet. On the other hand, Debbie is concerned that bad money habits may never be corrected and lead […]

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Stuck in a situationship


Confused about your relationship status? In an endless cycle with someone who won’t commit? You may be stuck in a situationship! Join in on this lesson on situationships as we break down how to identify if you are stuck in a situationship and how you can get out of it before you get too attached! We’ll share some of our messy moments from our situationships that we’ve each been caught in, in hopes to help more people identify the red […]

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