The Stigma of Dating at Her Age

By Debbie Dujanovic & Caitlyn Johnston

Come along for the journey with Caitlyn and Debbie as they pull back the curtain to address the stigma of dating at different ages and the battles that come along with it. In this bonus episode of the new KSL Podcast Dating at Her Age, tune in to learn more about Debbie, 57, and Caitlyn, 29, as they are both ready to open up the conversation about dating at HER age. 

Have a crazy dating story you want to share? Join the conversation and leave Debbie and Caitlyn a voicemail with your own dating story at 801-575-5599 and they may include it in the show! 

Join the conversation and share your crazy dating story by leaving us a voicemail at 801-575-5599!

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