Going Dutch! Who Pays for the First Date?

By Debbie Dujanovic and Caitlyn Johnston

Dating at Her Age

Who pays for the first date? That is the topic for this week’s Dating at Her Age episode! Is going dutch and splitting the bill an option or should the tab fall on the person who asked the other out? Tune in to listen to Debbie and Caitlyn’s different takes based off their experiences at different ages. Debbie shares how she got stuck with a $1,000 tab on one of her dates and Caitlyn explores her reasoning as to why free first dates are a great option for people in their 20’s who may be struggling financially. In this week’s Dater Hater segment, Debbie walks through some of the haters in her Tik Tok comments who disagree with her take on not giving convicted felons a second chance when it comes to dating. 

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Debbie Dujanovic is the co-host of “Dave & Dujanovic” and “Dating at Her Age” on KSL NewsRadio. Follow her on Facebook and TikTok. Follow “Dating at Her Age” on FacebookInstagramand Tik Tok.

Caitlyn Johnston is a producer for KSL NewsRadio and the Dave & Dujanovic Show. She also produces and co-hosts “Dating at Her Age” on KSL NewsRadio. Follow her on Instagram.