The Downside of Dating Someone Who’s Broke

By Caitlyn Johnston and Debbie Dujanovic

Dating at Her Age

The downside of dating someone who’s broke! Can you afford someone else’s bad money problems in a relationship and can you fix them? Debbie and Caitlyn see this from different perspectives at their different ages. On one hand, Caitlyn has a bit more runway to correct financial issues in her late 20’s as many at this age are still getting on their feet. On the other hand, Debbie is concerned that bad money habits may never be corrected and lead to bigger issues while dating in her 50’s. Shane Stewart, Certified Financial Planner with DMBA joins the conversation to offer his advice on how to identify financial red flags and the downside of dating someone who’s broke. Can you change men financially? Tune in to find out more. 

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Debbie Dujanovic is the co-host of “Dave & Dujanovic” and “Dating at Her Age” on KSL NewsRadio. Follow her on Facebook and TikTok. Follow “Dating at Her Age” on Facebook, Instagramand Tik Tok

Caitlyn Johnston is a producer for KSL NewsRadio and the Dave & Dujanovic Show. She also produces and co-hosts “Dating at Her Age” on KSL NewsRadio. Follow her on Instagram.