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Dating at Her Age

Dating at Her Age is a show where you can listen in as two ladies of very different ages navigate the dating scene. KSL NewsRadio host Debbie Dujanovic is divorced and back to dating in her late 50s, while producer Caitlyn has chosen to remain happily single in her late 20s. Each week they tackle topics, from red flags in dead-end “situationships” to DIY background checks before meeting a man for the first time. They share their experiences on the latest dating apps, how to say “no” to a second date, getting over breakups and getting ghosted or stood up. Join the journey with Caitlyn and Debbie as they embrace being alone without being lonely. 

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Debbie Dujanovic is the co-host of “Dave & Dujanovic” and “Dating at Her Age” on KSL NewsRadio. Follow her on Facebook and TikTok.

Caitlyn Johnston is a producer for KSL NewsRadio and the Dave & Dujanovic Show. She also produces and co-hosts “Dating at Her Age” on KSL NewsRadio. Follow her on Instagram.