The Phone Call

Episode 1

On September 12th, 1995 Carl Everett returned to his home in Conroe, Texas from an Amway meeting to find his back door propped open and his son McKay missing. Then the phone started to ring. On the line, a raspy-voiced woman demanded $500,000 if he ever wanted to see his son again.

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Questioning Everything

Episode 2

After 12-year-old McKay Everett disappeared, McKay's father Carl fell under scrutiny. "Anytime there's a kidnapping or a domestic violence case … you look at the spouse first," says Guy Williams, who was Sheriff of Montgomery County, Texas back in 1995. "It's kind of like the person that finds a body. That's the person you look at first."

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Bonus Episodes

BONUS 1: An FBI Agent and Neighbor Ric Metts on the Kidnapping FBI agent Ralph Harp discusses the investigation and working for the FBI. “We see the harm done. Other people read about it, but they don’t see it up close and personal They don’t touch it, they don’t smell it, and so they are kept back a distance from it,” said Harp, adding that as an FBI agent “you’re right up on the edge of it.” Then, family friend […]

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