Bonus Episodes

Photos of Ric Metts with a dog and horse
Photos of Ricc Metts from sometime around 1995

BONUS: An FBI Agent and Neighbor Ric Metts on the Kidnapping

FBI agent Ralph Harp discusses the investigation and working for the FBI. “We see the harm done. Other people read about it, but they don’t see it up close and personal They don’t touch it, they don’t smell it, and so they are kept back a distance from it,” said Harp, adding that as an FBI agent “you’re right up on the edge of it.”

Then, family friend Ric Metts on his perspective on the case: “It wasn’t my first polygraph where I had done nothing,” said Metts.

Photo of man in sweaty blue shirt, with badge, carrying briefcase
Law Enforcement outside of Hilton Crawford’s home. Courtesy of KPRC-TV and provided by Texas Archive of the Moving Image

BONUS: How the FBI Decides When to Arrest

FBI agent Cindy Rosenthal worked on the McKay Everett case as both an FBI agent and a lawyer, as chief division counsel for the Houston office.

“The bureau decided it was really good to have someone who had both the agent experience and the agent training as well as the legal training,” said Rosenthal.

In this bonus episode of Ransom, Rosenthal walks through how the FBI decides when to pull the trigger and arrest someone they suspect of involvement in a crime.

“The boy’s life is first and foremost what we’re worried about,” said Rosenthal. “The probable cause to arrest, it’s just going to come with everything that leads up to it.”

Irene Flores Courtesy of Texas Department of Corrections

BONUS: The Ransom Caller Irene Flores

Irene Flores was convicted of aggravated kidnapping and served 23 years in prison for her role as the raspy-voiced ransom caller. When we first reached out to her, we didn’t hear back, so producer Ben Kuebrich tracked her down and knocked on her door. At first, Flores was hesitant to talk, but she ended up having a lot to say. She told us about her relationship with Hilton Crawford, what led her to participate in the crime, and how she feels about the whole ordeal more than two decades later.

“I allowed myself to be lead,” said Flores. “I was more angry at me.”

Former Sheriff’s Deputies Marcus Guidry and Jerry Stassi. Photo by Ben Kuebrich.

BONUS: The Standoff in the Swamp

The night deputy Marcus Guidry discovered McKay’s body something else happened – he nearly got into a shootout. Guidry was ununiformed and got into a tense encounter with a deputy from a different parish, Jerry Stassi. The two say they’ve investigated many crimes at Whiskey Bay – a strange no man’s land out in the middle of the Achafalaya swamp.

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