Middle-earth Musings

Whether you’re a “Ringer,” a Tolkienite, or you believe that courage can overcome evil, this podcast will inspire.  Welcome to Middle-Earth Musings with Larry D. Curtis, an exploration of all things J.R.R. Tolkien.  Like the Dwarves in “The Hobbit”, we delve deep to uncover the rich culture of J.R.R. Tolkien and meet the remarkable people who have helped create the film, television, art, literature, games and academia that Professor Tolkien began to inspire over a century ago.

Tales of Christmas

A compilation of Christmas dramas full of holiday music sure to warm the heart and soul. Performed by KIRO, KSL and KSFI radio stations. 

A Gentle Thief

A Gentle Thief is a fictional podcast, written and performed by Amanda Dickson, inspired by real events involving the death of a young girl and her parents’ desperate and relentless attempt to have her death certificate changed from suicide to homicide. Get the full story here: https://www.amazon.com/Gentle-Thief-Amanda-Dickson-ebook/dp/B005IE7X2G Attorney Sophie Brownlie is given the case her first week with the law firm of Day Openshaw. She becomes passionate in her attempt to help the family prove that their daughter did not kill herself. But if she didn’t, who did? Her ex-husband? Her new boyfriend, who had broken up with her just two days before she was found dead? Or is there someone else with a motive that isn’t as clear? The story takes us from Las Vegas, where Sophie practices law, to Pennsylvania, where the young girl grew up, and finally to Cedar City, where she lived . . . and died. A Gentle Thief is brought to you by Superior Water and Air. http://kslnewsradio.com/1542169/ksl-newsradio-announces-new-fictional-podcast-gentle-thief/

Hosts of Eden

Hosts of Eden is a modern radio drama, written and performed by Jay Mcfarland. Season 1’s 11-part fictional podcast serial was just the beginning of the cliff-hanger science fiction fun. Season 2 drops March 5. While Marian and Mason are trying to adjust to their new role as guardians of the Genesis device, the nation is faced with a new threat. Someone or something is able to jump from one body to the next, allowing them to infiltrate high-security military installations and leaving a trail of bodies behind. No one knows what they are looking for or how to stop them. Having no other options, the President of the United States seeks Marian’s help with the hope that she can use her newfound abilities to track down this elusive enemy. Marian reluctantly agrees and is then on a path that eventually causes her to question whether or not the Hosts of Eden are the only ones who want the bodies of mankind. Jay Mcfarland is the host of “The JayMac News Show”, which airs weekdays at 12:30 pm on Salt Lake City’s KSL NewsRadio.