Wild Why

Wild Why podcast explores why - and how - people find challenging experiences, healing, and transformation in outdoor adventures. Outdoor writer and columnist Amy Donaldson talks with endurance sports athletes and recreational adventure seekers about what motivates them, how the challenges they sought surprised and transformed them, and why it is that so much healing happens when we connect with nature. The stories range from a marathon runner who found her way back to running after suffering a nervous breakdown during the Boston Marathon to a runner who started running to lose weight and found it transformed not just his life but those around him. Each week the podcast will take listeners inside different challenges, emotional and physical, through the experiences of athletes of all ages and abilities.


  • May 30, 2019

    Embracing the probability of failure

    Ultra runner Jared Campbell discusses what drew him to ultra running, and how losing his father at a young age likely led to his desire to try and control challenging situations. The only three-time finisher of the Barkley Marathons, Jared discusses what is so alluring about undertaking adventures that include pain and the probability of failure.  His experiences as an ultra runner training for the iconic Barkley, led him to create his own event, which couples his passion for mountain running with environmental advocacy. 

    His event, Running Up For Air or RUFA, has become wildly popular, selling out and expanding to another Utah mountain, as well as a separate day of indoor climbing. Jared gives insight into the gift of being able to see the beauty in any situation, as well as offering some inspiration for anyone who has ever dreamed of doing something most people think is impossible. 

    RUFA site: https://runningupforair.com

    Breath Utah site: https://www.breatheutah.org

    Story about Jared's 2016 event: https://www.deseretnews.com/article/865648889/Amy-Donaldson-One-mans-vision-helps-a-community-one-mans-tribute-lifts-a-family.html


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  • May 16, 2019

    A different road to recovery

    Eric Moon struggled with alcohol abuse for nearly two decades before his wife's decision to divorce him was part of the wake up call he needed to make real changes his life. But even in recovery, he felt adrift and uncertain he could maintain those changes, until he saw a documentary on an ultra race that opened up a whole new world of possibility for him. 

    After finishing his first 50K, he knew he'd found a new purpose, a new identity, a new path out of addiction. Now he sees himself as more than an addict, and it's transformed his life, as well as his relationship with his family. Along the way, he learned that only he could save himself from the maddening cycle he'd been in for 20 years.

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  • May 3, 2019

    Making peace with passion

    Wild Why is a podcast that explores the reasons people seek challenge, adventure and healing in outdoor adventures. Told in narrative story format, this podcast offers information and inspiration as athletes - from weekend warriors to professional competitors - share stories of personal transformations hard-won, sometimes unexpectedly, through outdoor challenges and races and events.

    In this first episode, runner and outdoor enthusiast Shandi Kano talks about how her passion for road racing led her to a nervous breakdown that coincided with the Boston Marathon bombing. But the same sport that brought her to her knees as her life fell apart, also offered her a path back to finding love for competitive running - and love for herself.

    Have story ideas? Know someone with a story to tell? Email us at tips@loudmouthproject.com.

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