The Path of Art

The journey to creative success can be different for each artist, but the lessons learned along the way are often similar and act as road signs for those who follow. Join host Ryan Meeks as he learns from creative people about how they moved forward on The Path of Art.  Ryan will speak with musicians, actors, directors, painters – anyone working in a creative field - about what it takes to get through the slow times, what motivates them to keep moving and what successes they are celebrating.


  • August 8, 2022

    Know what you want to be and focus on getting there

    The people you see who have successful careers have most likely spent most of their life getting there. Jon Smith, the morning show host for 103.5 The Arrow is one of those really determined and focused people.

    While many creative people tend to have so many interests, it is hard to focus, since high school Jon has been determined to become what he is today and it certainly has paid off.

    Listen to some of his advice and insights on what it takes to become a morning show host on this episode of The Path of Art.

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  • July 25, 2022

    Creating a space for the purpose of creating

    Derek Dyer (Executive Director of the Utah Arts Alliance) details the story of how he started the Utah Arts Alliance when the necessity for better representation for Utah artists presented itself. 

    The Utah Arts Alliance is the entity that has put forth many creative outlets in Utah including, The Urban Arts Festival, Mural Fest, Dreamscapes, and many others.

    Derek also discusses some of his own art and the opportunities that have opened up to him since he started the Utah Arts Alliance. 

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  • July 11, 2022

    How one opportunity leads to annother

    It is hard to see where the road ahead leads us, but taking steps forward and meeting opportunities as they come is what can lead to more opportunities.

    Artist Heather Olsen from Riverton Utah joins The Path of Art host Ryan Meeks to talk about the various opportunities that led her to the right people who eventually would commission her to paint the painting named "Together We Can Do This."

    That painting is currently on display in Intermountain Health Care's Murray location.

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  • June 27, 2022

    How knowing your own style can help you get noticed

    Danny Drysdale, a film director who has made music videos for bands like The Killers joins The Path of Art host Ryan Meeks for this episode. Danny talks about how his unique preferences in art, music, and pop culture helped push his career toward success. 

    Danny also talks about how you should stick to your guns and why he never felt imposter syndrome.

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  • June 22, 2022

    An Introduction to The Path of Art

    Life often has its unexpected twists and turns and Ryan Meeks, the host of The Path of Art, talks about his own path in this episode. He talks about some of the twists and turns that have gotten him to a place where he didn't really expect to be. Find out in this episode why he is so optimistic about where he is in life and why he started The Path of Art.

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