The Music and Concert Show

Whether you're a musician or a fan, The Music & Concert Show is your source for inside information about the Utah music scene.  Hosts Jonni Lightfoot (Air Supply, D’Molls 777) & Trent Falcone (Villain) have developed industry connections over their 30+ year careers, providing the latest news and opinions about concerts and new releases.  The Music & Concert Show is always a fun and informative conversation, like hanging backstage with the band.  


  • August 4, 2022

    EP7: Upcoming Concert Calendar / Imagine Dragons / One Hit Wonders / MTV / David Lee Roth / Eddie Van Halen Story

    Up Coming Concert Schedule 

    Imagine Dragons (Utah or Vegas Band?)

    One Hit Wonders Discussion 

    MTV Birthday ( August 1st, 1981)

    MTV 2nd , 3rd, & 4th Videos Played After "Video Killed The Radio Star"

    Michael Jackson's Thriller the Greatest Video of all Time?

    David Lee Roth New Song: Tribute to Van Halen days

    Jonni tells the story of meeting Eddie Van Halen in Park City, Utah and ask's him for a Job.

    Through Back Records: Beastie Boys: Licensed to Ill (1986) Vs. Ill Communication (1994)


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  • July 28, 2022

    EP: 6 The Whisky a GoGo Club / Lemmy Kilmister/ Goo Goo Dolls / Duran Duran

    Trent surprises Jonni with memory of them playing Little League Baseball together. 

    Jonni Talks About his Show on July 29th Headlining The World Famous Whiskey A GoGo

    Lemmy Documentary from the Rainbow Bar & Grill in L.A.

    Getting Your Band Signed Today Vs. Old School

    Goo Goo Dolls / Blue October Concert Review

    Do you look at before your favorite show happens?

    Music News AC/DC Highway to Hell Released July 29th 1979

    Throw Back Record Duran Duran 1982 "RIO"

    Up Coming Concert Calendar 





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  • July 21, 2022

    EP5: The Music & Concert Show Upper Country, Jason Aldean and Kenny Chesney, Goo Goo Dolls Upcoming Shows, Music News Limp Bizkit, Pantera Up Coming Concerts

    Jonni gets Vindicated about James Brown Concert in the 90's

    Jonni shows Trents photos from 9th Grade and High School (yes they went to school together) He knows the year of the Photo by looking at last letters of Kiss Logo.

    Upcoming Jason Aldean and Kenny Chesney Shows, with Goo Goo Dolls in between them. 

    Music News: Limp Bizkit Cancels Remaining 2022 Tour (not Covid related) New Pantera tour and Line up changes.

    Metallica / Eddie Monson in Stranger Things

    Throw Back Record: Metallica Master of Puppets

    Upcoming Concert Schedule

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  • July 13, 2022

    EP4: REO Speedwagon and The Black Keys Review / Road Tripping to see Concerts / Morrissey / New Kings X / Rage Against The Machine

    REO Speedwagon and Black Keys Concert Review

    Road Tripping to See Concerts

    Trent Talks about going to Vegas to see Multiple Morrissey Shows

    Kings X Releases new Song "Let It Rain"

    Bruce Springsteen Announces New Tour 

    Paul McCartney Vs Ringo Starr

    Throw Back Record: Rage Against The Machine: Evil Empire

    Upcoming Concert Calendar

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  • July 7, 2022

    The Music & Concert Show EP3: 2nd ArrowFest, This Week in Music History, Backstreet Boys Millennium

    Jonni and Trent discuss Arrowfest Featuring REO Speedwagon, Styk, and LoverBoy. Do you get stuck listening to the same playlists over and over or do you change it up?

    Trent Suggests "How to cause a fight at any family reunion" with a Music Question

    This Week in Music History

    Throw Back Record: Backstreet Boy's 1999 record Millennium

    Upcoming Concert Calendar 

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  • July 2, 2022

    EP2: Chris Stapleton Rescheduled, Arrowfest Review: Santana / Earth Wind & Fire, Throwback Record: Motley Crue Shout at The Devil.

    Jonni & Trent Discuss Chris Stapleton being rescheduled, life on the road what it is really like. The Hottest Summer tour Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Poison, & Joan Jett Stadium tour, Artists playing new songs vs. the old songs during the concert, are Artists tired of playing their hit songs? Through back record of the week Motley Crue, and upcoming concert calendar.

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  • July 2, 2022

    Ep1: Chris Stapleton, This week in Music History, Def Leppard Pyromania

    Jonni Lightfoot and Trent Falcone, The band is back together again discussing all things music and concerts. They talk about Chris Stapleton Concert coming to USANA Amphitheater, Cassettes are coming back again, Outdoor concerts Vs. In doors Arena's, Bret Tuggle (Fleetwood Mac, David Lee Roth Keyboard player) passes away, Upcoming Concert Calendar, This week in Music History, and a throwback record of the week Def Leppard's Pyromania. 

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