Every Parent’s Nightmare

Episode 1

Sy Snarr understood the words coming out of the Salt Lake police officer’s mouth, but somehow, they just didn’t make sense. “It was just surreal to me, because I just kept thinking … ‘Wake up! This has to be a dream. Wake up,'” she said. “I just kept looking at them, and they said the girl he was with had been shot. She was at the hospital. I’m just like, ‘This can not be happening.’ They…

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The Survivor

Episode 2

Yvette Rodier willed herself not to move as the man who’d emptied a gun into her body shoved his hand into the pocket of her jeans. She realized she needed to stop screaming and pretend to play dead when the initial burst of gunfire stopped, and she heard him reloading the gun. The 18-year-old fell on her side next to her date, Zach Snarr, as bullets ripped through her side and her leg. After he reloaded,…

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A Gun and a Death Wish

Episode 3

Tom Watson and his wife had just finished watching the 10 p.m. news the night of August 28, 1996 when the phone rang. They let the call go to their answering machine, but when Tom heard the voice pleading for one of them to answer because he’d “done something so bad”, he told his wife to pick up the receiver. When she did, the man immediately said, “I’ve done something real stupid.”Watson told police his wife…

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A Death Sentence Waiting to Happen

Episode 4

Sy Snarr tried to focus on her husband’s face and what he was trying to tell her as she fought her way out of a sleepy haze. “I had actually been up for so long,” Snarr said trying to recall the hours after her son was murdered in 1996. “They tell me I was standing there and all of a sudden, I just passed out on the floor. They had put me in bed, and then…

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Putting Down The Rocks

Episode 5

Grief was like air for Sy Snarr in the weeks and months after she lost her 18-year-old son in a random shooting. The grief very quickly became both a sanctuary and a prison. Even as it suffocated her, it felt like the only place she could exist — a strange in-between place where her anguish seemed to breathe life into her son’s memory. She existed in this place almost everyday after a 19-year-old shot Zachary Snarr…

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