Caitlyn Johnston

Caitlyn Johnston is a 29-year-old who is happily single but trying to navigate the crazy world of dating. Sick of dating apps and what feels like forceful digital dating, Caitlyn is ready to get out into the world and meet someone in the wild!

Though socially awkward and not the best expert in flirting, she has massive experience with being hooked and caught in “situationships”. Caitlyn shares her experiences and learning lessons on the KSL Podcast, Dating at Her Age, as she learns from her co-host Debbie about red flags to avoid and safety tips to keep in mind while staying active in the dating world!

Caitlyn is originally from Price, Utah, and moved to Salt Lake City to pursue her career in journalism and video production. After graduating college through Salt Lake Community College and Weber State University in Communication and Digital Media, today Caitlyn is the award-winning Lead Producer for KSL NewsRadio’s Daytime Talk Program Dave & Dujanovic which is hosted by Debbie Dujanovic and Dave Noriega. Caitlyn won a Gracie award alongside Debbie Dujanovic in June of 2023. Their radio documentary, “Genetics and Genealogy: How to use testing and family history to decode your risk for cancer” won “Best Interview Feature — Talk” in the local radio category.

Outside of her work at KSL NewsRadio, Caitlyn brings more of her creativity to life through videography and photography along with many other freelance projects to pursue her different passions of storytelling… all while simultaneously learning how to navigate dating…at her age. 😉

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Debbie Dujanovic

Debbie Dujanovic is an award-winning talk show host for KSL NewsRadio in Salt Lake City, Utah, and a former Emmy award-winning investigative reporter for KSL 5 TV. Her dating life, in her 50s, has been anything but award-winning.

Debbie brings her disastrous dating experiences to her all-new podcast Dating at Her Age. Debbie and her 29-year-old co-host, Caitlyn Johnston, will explore the ups and downs women of all ages face while dating.

From getting ghosted after promising dates, to being stood up for dinner dates, to accidentally winding up on first dates with men who’d served prison time, Debbie will lay out what dating at her age has taught her.

Her dating experiences have left her with a bottomless pit of topics to chat –and laugh– about, including her growing list of first date don’ts, her method she designed to conduct her own DIY background checks on men she meets on dating apps, and the new boundaries she’s set to keep from getting trapped in (another) situationship.

Debbie and Caitlyn know there are countless single women looking for compatibility and love, yet just like the two of them, many are experiencing heartbreak and frustration while dating.

That’s why they’re excited to open up about their own dating disasters to let women know
they’re not alone.